1 Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses(30)

£19.15 inc. VAT

Total number of lenses: 60

Thanks to 1-DAY Acuvue® MOIST®, you will experience the comfort that will not be diminished even by frequent blinking. Your contact lenses will be correctly lubricated throughout the day as LACREON® remains in the lens even at the end of the day when your eyes are tired and need the most hydration. Therefore, people, who wear 1 Day Acuvue® MOIST® can enjoy life to the full.




1 Day Acuvue® MOIST® – soft, thin and flexible disposable contact lenses, an innovative product of the top-tier quality, made according to state-of-the-art technologies. Designed for people with myopia or hyperopia. The silky coating of the contact lens is based on the unique LACREON ® technology which binds PVP – the component responsible for retaining the wetting agent deep within the lens – which significantly decreases outside interference and enables the eyelid to move smoothly on the outside of the contact lens.

MOIST® contact lenses are designed with a focus on the health of your eyes, excellent vision and comfort, offering a high level of protection against harmful UVA and UVB radiation. They help protect your eyes against harmful radiation and can be the right solution for allergy sufferers so your eyes will be safe and healthy. All this makes 1 Day Acuvue ® MOIST ® comfortable from the very first moments of wearing as they provide oxygen to the eyes at a level that keeps them both hydrated and healthy.

Whether you wear contact lenses or have decided to try them out for the first time, 1 Day Acuvue® MOIST® will offer you the feeling of freedom and long-lasting comfort all day long. We are sure that you will be delighted with the contact lenses, which is why Jonshon & Jonshon has ensured a Satisfaction Guarantee on its flagship model.

1 Day Acuvue ® MOIST® are particularly recommended to people who:

• experience the feeling of dried eyes caused by wearing contact lenses in changing weather conditions, air-conditioned rooms, smoky places

• spend a lot of time in front of the computer

• lead an intensive lifestyle and want to avoid cleaning their lenses and lens case

• want to protect their eyes from UV radiation

• appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of fresh, new contact lenses every day

• look for contact lenses that are easy to put on and take out 

Wearing schedule: Recommended change system One-day, single-use (1 day)

Type: Spherical

Lens material: Etafilcon A

Thickness in the center:   0,084 mm (at -3,00D)

Water content (hydration): 58%

Oxygen permeability: Dk/t 33 (at -3,00D)

Oxygen supply to the corneal centre:  88%

UV filter: 98,8% UVB and 85,1% UVA (class 2)

Tint: light blue

Side orientation: 123

Package:  30 pairs

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Manufacturer: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. 7500 Centurion Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32256 USA

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