Bausch + Lomb PureVision 2 HD contact lenses(6)

£14.98 inc. VAT

Total number of lenses: 12

PureVision ® 2 HD  – monthly silicone-hydrogel, spherical contact lenses made of Balafilcon A material for people with myopia and hyperopia. Their main advantage is that the High Definition TM Optics allows for clear, sharp vision, even in low light conditions. Furthermore, the halo effect (glow around strong light sources) has been mineralized, the effects of glare and reflections and aberrations that can cause blurred vision have been reduced. 




PureVision® 2 HD contact lenses feature an advanced silicone-hydrogel design that incorporates Comfort Moist TM technology to maintain continuous lubrication of the lens surface, which in turn promotes a feeling of comfort immediately after application and helps maintain it throughout the day. PureVision ® 2 HD lenses improve comfort and breathability, which will satisfy even the most demanding users. As a result, they keep your eyes healthy and less prone to redness. The rounded profile of the contact lenses reduces friction between the eyelid and lens surface when closing and opening the eyes, thus improving the wear comfort. PureVision® 2 HD are some of the thinnest lenses available on the market today, and yet they are extremely easy to use. They constitute Bausch & Lomb’s flagship product for both day and night use. If you only wear your lenses once a month, PureVision® 2 HD is the perfect choice for you. 

PureVision ® 2 HD are recommended to persons who:

  • lead an intensive lifestyle and spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, and drivers.

 Wearing schedule: Monthly lenses, for daily, flexible or extended wear

Type: Spherical

Material: Balafilcon A

Water content (hydration): 36%

Oxygen permeability: Dk/t 130 ( at-3.00 D)

Tint: light blue

Package size: 6 lenses

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Rochester, NY 14609 USA

Characteristics of PureVision ® 2 HD contact lenses:

• PureVision® 2 HD lenses are packed in containers filled with an innovative solution containing Poloxamine – a highly effective surfactant that removes grease and environmental contaminants, maintains the lenses’ lubrication, thus increasing your comfort.

• Balafilcon A is a silicone-hydrogel material with a high oxygen transmission rate (oxygen permeability) of 130 (Dk/t is a measure of oxygen permeability through the lens material).

• ComfortMoist TM Optics technology – improves the comfort of wearing contact lenses. This is possible thanks to the reduced lens thickness and rounded edges which allow for gentle interaction of the lens with the eyelid. In addition, the content of the wetting agent in the blister, in which the lens is stored, increases the feeling of comfort immediately after putting the lens on.

 Indications for use:

Recommended especially for people who: spend a lot of time in front of a computer, spend many hours on the road driving, experience problems with dry eyes. PureVision® 2 HD lenses are ideal for people who prefer to use monthly contact lenses, but who also expect the highest quality of vision and comfort.

Lens care:

PureVision® 2 HD are contact lenses for continuous use and require no care as long as they are used continuously. However, if they are removed from the eyes, they should be thoroughly cleaned and then placed in a container filled with the solution for several hours (according to the application instructions).


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