Bausch + Lomb PureVision contact lenses(6)

£15.83 inc. VAT

Total number of lenses: 12

PureVision TM lenses are designed for people who put on a monthly lens and would like to forget about their visual impairments and see everything exactly from the first moments after waking up while wearing their lenses around-the-clock. PureVision TM does not require any care – provided they are used continuously for 30 days. After removal, it is necessary to clean the lens with the solution and put it in a container filled with an appropriate care solution for several hours. Thus, if you are looking for high-quality lenses at an attractive price and want to ensure that your eyes are fully healthy and safe, if you want to maintain excellent visual acuity and only wear lenses once a month, PureVision TM is the perfect choice for you.




PureVision TM – revolutionary contact lenses made from a material of a new generation, a combination of silicone and hydrogel, designed for monthly use both during day and night (contact lenses can be used for 24 hours a day and without removal for 30 days). PureVision TM lenses are produced with the use of Balafilcon A material and AerGel technology, which balances oxygen and water to provide contact lens wearers with exceptional vision quality combined with great wearing comfort. AerGel technology included in PureVision TM lenses is designed to achieve two objectives: eliminate the formation of protein deposits on the surface (the Performa surface is responsible for this), and optimise lens lubrication for increased comfort. Both of these objectives have proved their worth. PureVision TM contact lenses provide the eye with more than five times more oxygen than traditional lenses.

Wearing schedule: monthly, day and night lenses (24h)

Type: Aspherical

Lens material: Balafilcon A

Water content (hydration): 36%

Oxygen permeability: Dk/t 112 (-3.00 D)

Tint: Light blue

Package size: 6 lenses

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Rochester, NY 14609 USA

Characteristics of PureVision TM contact lenses:

• Innovative state-of-the-art technology and the extraordinary properties of the AerGel lens material, which is a combination of silicone and hydrogel and is characterized by high resistance to dehydration and several times higher oxygen permeability than traditional hydrogel lenses, as well as the ability to carry liquids and the mobility of the hydrogel for the highest comfort of wearing. PureVision TM contact lenses are made of Balafilcon A, the lens lubrication level is 36%. Unique Performa surface treatment ensures constant ability to lubricate contact lens surfaces and maintain exceptional visual acuity and resistance to deposit coating. The lenses are well oxygen-permeable (Dk/t=112 for a lens -3.00 D). PureVision perfectly moisturizes and do not stick, so the eyes are not tired and are always healthy and shiny.

• Good vision quality thanks to high-resolution aspherical optics

• Flexible wear – day or continuous wear without taking out for 30 days and nights

 Indications for use:

Recommended for use by persons who: spend a lot of time in front of the computer, spend many hours on the road driving, experience problems with dry eyes. PureVision TM lenses are ideal for people who prefer to use monthly contact lenses, while at the same time focusing on top vision quality and comfort.

Lens care:

PureVision TM contact lenses are contact lenses for continuous use. However, if they are removed from the eyes, they should be thoroughly cleaned and then placed in a container filled with a solution for several hours (according to the application instructions).


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