Bausch + Lomb ReNu MultiPlus Solution 120ml & 360ml

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ReNu MultiPlus from Bausch + Lomb is a multi-purpose solution for the total care of all kinds of soft contact lenses. This ingenious solvent rinses, sanitises and moisturises lenses and separates proteins and lipids included in tears. It has pH balancing boric acid and poloxamine, which lifts the outer remnants of cellular tissues.

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ReNu ® MultiPlus ™  solution is a multi-purpose combination of ingredients that allow easy care of soft contact lenses. It is used for daily cleaning and removal of protein deposits, rinsing and disinfection, lubricating and storing all types of lenses, all this offered in just one bottle of ReNu ® MultiPlus ™ solution without enzyme cleaning tablets, without vials, or additional steps.

Content: Hydranate ® (hydroxyalkyl phosphate) 0.03%, boric acid, the disodium salt of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, poloxamine 1%, sodium borate and sodium chloride; preserved with Dymed ™ (polyaminopropyl biguanide) 0.0001%.

Package contains: solution in the bottle and the lens case (the solution is also available in a smaller bottle: ReNu MultiPlus 120ml )

Dosage form: a mild multi-purpose, universal solution

Effect:  disinfecting, lubricating

Safe to use after opening: up to 4 weeks

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Volume: 120ml & 360ml

Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Rochester, NY 14609 USA

Properties of ReNu ® MultiPlus ™ ingredients:

Hydranate ® – removes denatured protein deposits accumulating on contact lenses, thus increasing comfort and safety of use. It prevents the formation of new protein deposits during daily lens care.

Dymed ™ – an ingredient with high disinfection efficiency that destroys harmful microorganisms but is also non-toxic to eye tissues.

Poloxamine – a highly effective surface active agent which removes fats and environmental pollution, maintains the ability of contact lenses to remain moist, thanks to which the comfort of using contact lenses is increased.

Directions for use:

ReNu ® MultiPlus ™ multipurpose solution is indicated for use in daily care – for cleaning, removing protein deposits, rinsing and storing soft contact lenses worn daily and for extended wear, for their chemical (not thermal) disinfection as recommended by an eye care professional.

How to use:

To disinfect a contact lens, simply put 3 drops of liquid on each side of the contact lens, the solution has “No Rub” sign    does not require mechanical cleaning (rubbing). It is enough to rinse the lenses and leave for 4 hours immersed in the solution. However, after wetting the lens with solution, we recommend rubbing the surface between your fingers or hands for about 20 seconds, which increases the efficiency of removing dirt from the surface. Then rinse the lenses thoroughly. For full disinfection, contact lenses should be kept in the solution for at least 4 hours. When using traditional lenses, an additional enzymatic cleaning solution is needed. ReNu ® MultiPlus ™ solution is especially recommended for frequent replacement lenses. In addition, it lubricates them during storage. It is dedicated to lens users looking for proven solutions.

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