Baush + Lomb Hyal-Drop Multi 10ml

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Hyal Drop ® Multi lubricant eye and lens drops are the product that lubricates and pleasantly refreshes the surface of your eyes, designed for both moistening the eye itself and for contact lens users. Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops can be used directly on the lens as well as on the eye with the contact lens.

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Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops provide rehydration of the eyeball surface and can be used to lubricate soft and hard contact lenses, they also alleviate typical symptoms of “dry eye”. The bottle featuring an innovative patented application mechanism ensures that Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops satisfy the contemporary increased need to solve the problem of eye moistening. Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops contain a natural biopolymer, present in the structure of the human eye and tears. The product is very well tolerated, and wearing contact lenses becomes less inconvenient.

Content: 0.24% hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, including sterile water, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. No preservatives.

Dosage form: eye drops

Effect: lubricating

Safe to use after opening: up to 12 weeks

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Volume: 10ml

Produced by: Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Rochester, NY 14609 USA

Eye drop properties: Hyaluronic acid in Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops is a substance naturally occurring in the human body (also in tears) that immediately moistens the eye surface, relieves irritated and tired eyes by reducing discomfort. It does not disturb vision and is safe for prolonged use. Thanks to the patented application mechanism, one-drop dispensing, the application is easy and precise because the dispenser releases just a single drop; they do not contain preservatives; they are sterile and safe to use for 3 months after opening the bottle.

Directions for use: Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops are for moistening the eyes, recommended for people spending time in air-conditioned rooms or rooms heated with dry air, rooms with cigarette smoke or forced air circulation, recommended during windy and sunny weather as well as during prolonged work at a computer monitor or in a polluted environment. Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops will be useful when contact lenses are not moist enough, feeling discomfort, irritation or eye fatigue, foreign body sensation in the eye or excessive watering of the eyes. Also, taking certain medications (such as birth control pills), some medical conditions, and preservatives contained in some eye drops can contribute to tear deficiency (so-called “dry eye syndrome”). Hyal Drop ® Multi eye drops are suitable for lubricating hard and soft contact lenses, they contain hyaluronic acid naturally occurring in the human body.

How to use: Hyal Drop ® Multi drops are extremely easy to use: remove the protective cap from the dropper before use. Grasp and turn the container, point the dropper over the eye and press the bottom of the container to let one drop into the eye. Before first use, press the bottom of the container several times. After use, put the protective cap on the dropper. Side effects of the medical product are possible. If necessary, instil one drop of Hyal Drop ® Multi into the conjunctival sac. Since Hyal Drop ® Multi drops do not contain preservatives, they can be used daily as often as necessary. Hyal Drop ® Multi drops are also very well tolerated for prolonged use.

Note: Please read the information leaflet carefully – it contains important information about the use of this preparation. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor, pharmacist or manufacturer. In rare cases, the product may cause hypersensitivity reactions and local allergic reactions in very rare cases. In such cases, treatment should be discontinued. Do not use if the container is damaged.

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