Menicon Miru 1 Day Flat Pack contact lenses(30)

£16.57 inc. VAT

Total number of lenses: 60

Miru 1 Day are daily disposable silicone-hydrogel contact lenses made of Hioxifilcon A material, which has a high water content of up to 57%. The excellent hydrophilic properties of the contact lens and its ability to retain water provide greater comfort and reduce the feeling of dryness. As a result, they remain lubricated throughout the day, which translates directly into increased wearing comfort and reduced eye dryness.

Miru 1 Day contact lenses perfectly reduce the friction between the eyelid and the lens when blinking, which is possible thanks to the unique CENTRAFORM lens edge design.

To sum up: The revolutionary Japanese Miru 1 Day Menicon Flat Pack contact lenses provide a completely new quality based on easy application and advanced design that definitely stands out among contact lenses and guarantee safety with perfect hygiene for all, even the most demanding users.




Miru derives its name from the Japanese word meaning “to see” and, from the moment you open your eyes each morning until you close them again at night, Miru brings harmony focused on beauty every day of the year.

Miru 1 Day Flat Pack is the world’s first revolutionary one-day contact lens in a flat pack straight from Japan. Just open the aluminum blister (the blister is only 1mm thick), and a three-dimensional contact lens will appear from the inside, well lubricated and laid on the proper application side.

For whom are Miru 1 Day Flat Pack contact lenses designed?

Miru 1 Day are contact lenses designed for people who prefer disposable contact lenses. Thanks to their compact packaging, you can easily store Miru 1 Day lenses in your wallet, pocket or purse.

It is a great choice for those who:

• lead an intense lifestyle, prefer active leisure, travel frequently

• value the highest quality of use, hygiene and ease of application

• have a problem with dried eyes

Wear schedule: One-day lenses

Type: Aspherical

Lens material: Hioxifilcon A

Water content (hydration): 57%

Oxygen permeability: Dk/t 161

Tint: light blue

Package size: 30 pairs

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Manufacturer: Menicon Co., Ltd.  Address21-19, Aoi 3, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0006 Japan

Revolution in the approach towards everyday lens application lies in the unique functionality of the packaging that has eliminated the four most important problems:

• The flat aluminium Miru 1 Day Flat Pack contains only the necessary amount of 0.2 ml of solution, which not only facilitates the removal of lenses but also eliminates the possibility of spilling the remaining liquid and, at the same time reduces, the use of force needed to open the blister. In principle, the packaging of Miru 1 Day Flat Pack contact lenses refers to a plaster bandage, which is a well-known disposable product.

• In the Miru 1 Day Flat Pack, the lens is always laid face up thanks to the patented production technology. This allows the lens to be pulled out with one simple movement, thus eliminating the problem of determining the correct side of the contact lens by checking the micro markings to avoid wearing the lens on the wrong side.

• The Miru 1 Day Flat Pack contact lens, when unpacked and kept on the finger during application (inner surface up) is stable due to its unique aspherical design.

• After opening, the innovative packaging structure prevents contact with the inner surface of the contact lens, thus protecting against microbial contamination and eliminating the risk of contamination of one-day lenses during insertion. During testing of the effectiveness of this solution, adherence of microbiological colonies was detected only to the outer surface, while its presence on the inner surface, which is typical of contact lens solutions, was not observed.

The compact size of the Miru 1 Day Flat Pack collective packing, which contains 30 lenses, has the size of about half a typical blister pack of typical one-day contact lenses, which is great when travelling as a single pack perfectly fits within a wallet, pocket, purse or hand luggage. This is a great advantage while playing sports and on other occasions where you want to minimize the size of the necessary items.

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