Menicon Miru 1 Month contact lenses(6)

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Total number of lenses: 12

Miru 1 Month Menicon (monthly) – one of the most advanced silicone-hydrogel contact lenses in the world from the renowned Japanese manufacturer Menicon. Used to correct myopia and hyperopia. The company’s goal is to ensure the safety of using contact lenses and the health of their users’ eyes, on which Menicon has been working since its launch in 1951. Miru 1 Month Menicon contact lenses have been developed in such a way as to maximize all-day wearing comfort. 




Menicon Miru 1 Month contact lenses perfectly transmit oxygen and, at the same time, provide an exceptional level of safety. In order to obtain the most advanced silicone-hydrogel contact lenses, Menicon used an innovative, extremely smooth coating Nanogloss TM and the MeniSilk TM technology, which allows oxygen to flow through the entire lens surface and provides additional lubrication, as well as Asmofilcon A material with the lowest level of bacterial adhesion on the surface of the lens. Thus, Miru 1 Month is smoother compared to lenses from other manufacturers.

This directly leads to reduced bacterial deposits, thanks to which the lenses provide high wearing comfort, adequate visual acuity and protect against inflammation of the eye surface and the feeling of dry eye, experienced by some lens users – especially at the end of the day. Our days and life are determined by what we see. That is why Menicon chose the Japanese word Miru – which means “to see” – as its global brand name. Miru contact lenses are designed in a way to allow you to view the world in a new way from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment when you go to bed at night. Miru, new, revolutionary lenses from Japan.

 It is an excellent choice for those who:

Miru 1 Month are contact lenses designed for people who prefer monthly disposable lenses, suffer from the feeling of dried eyes, are looking for the highest quality contact lenses and expect the highest wearing comfort.

 Wear schedule: Monthly, daily lenses

Type: Spherical

Lens material: Asmofilcon A

Water content (hydration): 40%

Oxygen permeability: Dk/t 161

Thickness in the center: 0,08 mm (at – 3,00 D)

Tint: light blue

Package size: 6 

Manufacturer: Menicon Co., Ltd.  Address21-19, Aoi 3, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0006 Japan

Characteristics of Miru 1 Month lenses:

• Asmofilcon A is a premium silicone-hydrogel material with a high level of oxygen permeability that allows your eyes to breathe – Our newly developed silicone-hydrogel lens material provides excellent oxygen permeability to keep your eyes naturally healthy and snow-white. It has one of the highest levels of oxygen permeability (161 Dk/t). MeniSilk TM technology ensures that the entire surface of the cornea remains properly oxygenated.

• Nanogloss TM – Advanced lens material helps prevent the accumulation of protein deposits and impurities, so you can enjoy a clear vision all day, every day. Miru 1month Menicon lenses indicate a high resistance to lipid build-up, due to the minimized amount of protein deposits, they provide high wearing comfort, proper visual acuity and protection against eye surface inflammation.

• Thin edges for wettability and comfort – An evenly thin edge minimizes discomfort when the lenses are first applied and helps maintain the lubrication for increased wettability and all-day comfort. The lenses do not irritate even with their edges.

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