Menicon Solo Care Solution 90ml & 360ml

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SOLOCARE AQUA from Menicon is a multipurpose solution for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, storing and moistening contact lenses. The modern humidification method helps contact lenses stay sufficiently hydrated throughout the day. With a new, patented locking system. On some bottles the cap may feel loose but it won’t leak, and there’s no need to tighten it – in fact, extra tightening can break the seal.

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SOLO Care AQUA ® contact lens solution is a multipurpose substance for the care and storage of soft contact lenses. It enables cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing new lenses for up to 30 days. A special Microblock ™ lens case made of a material containing silver ions, which have bactericidal properties, has been added to the solution packaging. The benefits of using this solution are especially experienced by people who often stay in smoky or heated rooms, in a polluted environment, or who work for a long time at the computer monitor. Thanks to the SOLO Care AQUA ® solution, your eyes will always be rested and the eye vision sharp and bright.

Content: polyhexanide 0.0001%; Hydrolock ™ (dexpanthenol, sorbitol); sodium phosphate; tromethamine; poloxamer 407; disodium edetate.

Package contains: solution in the bottle and the lens case (the solution is also available in a smaller bottle: SOLO Care AQUA 90ml)

Effect: lubricating

Safe to use after opening: up to 3 months

Expiry date: at least 12 months from the date of purchase

Volume: 90ml & 360ml

Manufacturer: Menicon Co., Ltd.  Address21-19, Aoi 3, Naka-ku, Nagoya 460-0006 Japan

Properties of SOLO Care AQUA ® ingredients:

The solution contains HydroLock ™ which includes Provitamin B5 and Sorbitol. SOLO Care AQUA ® solution guarantees perfect hydration of contact lenses up to 90% better than competitive products. Thanks to this, wearing contact lenses is a pleasure.

The SOLO Care AQUA ® kit includes Microblock ™ –  the first anti-bacterial lens case. It protects your eyes against potential infections caused by the use of a contaminated lens container. The special material from which the lens case is made contains a bactericidal agent. Silver ions prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold, thanks to which your eyes are healthy and wearing lenses is comfortable.

It can be used in three ways:

1. Without mechanical cleaning and rinsing, take out the contact lenses from your eyes and put them in a case filled with fresh SOLO Care AQUA ® solution, and after 4 hours they are clean and ready to be applied.

2. Cleaning the contact lens in 5 minutes – rubbing for 10 seconds and storing in SOLO Care AQUA ®  solution for 5 minutes, for quick cleaning and disinfection.

3. If contact lenses are not used, they can be stored in SOLO Care AQUA ® solution for up to 30 days without additional cleaning!

Note: Before using the solution for the first time, turn the cap clockwise to remove the dropper security (tighten the cap up – in the centre, there is a needle that will stick into the bottle outlet when tightening).


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